Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Explanation ... before and after

(Wednesday is my day "off" from "work." Typically I spend this day balancing errands and fun things for me.)


Waking up quite groggily
From late night Tuesday talks
Splendid sharing times remembered
Welcomed morning coffee

Kids to school
The day is mine
Long hot bath
While I unwind

Putting away laundry
Topless – if I want
The house is empty
Except for the dog
And …
He doesn’t seem to mind

Cleaning, clearing, owning
This space, called “mine”
With no interruptions
From the offspring or …
The Spouse

Listening to iTunes
Rock to Meditation
So many different genres
Musical Whiplash
For Most
Expressing this Eclectic Me

. . . N
. . . . . . . T
. . . . . . . . . . I
. . . . . . . . . . . . .L

He calls
“I forgot my flash drive and can’t get by without it.”

It was pleasant while it lasted.
I pause for a 30-minute rescue
After lecturing about:
The Importance of
Being responsible for your own things!!!!

Then I’m back
On Track
In My Space
Doing My thing
Without interruption
This time I proclaim it so!

(I meet him outside the college. He's eating some kind of icecream bar coated in rich dark chocolate. He has pulled up in his wheelchair to to window of my van. I say, "I'll trade you." To which he says, "huh?" I say, "I've got something you need. I'll trade you." To which he says, "Mommmmm." To which I say, "At least give me a bite." He has to. Does he have a choice?)