Saturday, July 18, 2009

Healing Tears

Bloodied and tattered
I struggle to my feet
Standing firm in
My Beliefs

The salt from my tears
Stings the fresh wounds
Cleansing and healing me

Friday, July 17, 2009

I Can Hear Your Whispers

I hear the conversations
The inquiries about me
Though I do not hear the other side
Just the “how is she’s”

I know this goes on
I am not naive
Though people think I am
Pretending it’s not happening
All to “help” me

I will share when I am ready
If it pertains to you
You’ll hear

If not, just hold me gently
Cover me in Light
As I begin to wonder
Is this worth the fight?

Trying to help someone
Understand what they cannot
Is a task that’s never finished
It “costs” me quite a lot

It’s my choice to seek completion
Or to just leave this undone
As my Life moves on in circles
Underneath the sun

Friday, July 10, 2009


Of tapestries
And patterns there
A quilt of me, called Life

Tightly bound
By golden threads

Waiting to be recognized
And with one shake

The patterns serve no purpose now
Really just imagined
Bits of my experiences
Repeating now and then

Suddenly they stand out
As if it was always clear
I smooth out the wrinkles
And huddle tight, my dear

It wraps me now in comfort
Without the constraints called lies
I Heal all that’s within me
And gently close my eyes

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Trip to Baltimore

Traffic jams
And broken phones
Satellite signals lost
GPS confused as me
As I wonder
Through Baltimore

Road construction
Great big trucks
Threaten my every move
Survival is on my mind
And “there’s no place like home,”
Rings true

Knowing Peace is out there
Just beyond my grasp
But I am stuck on this track
Of negative mishaps
And can’t find my way off
This Audubon

I make it home
For a quick moments break
And connect with some strong folks
I ask for light and prayers and such
Without an explanation
Other than, “this day is tough”

Suddenly the madness stops
A gentleman is kind
He seems surprised as I thank him
For being the catalyst
That changed my day
From bad to good
In Many Ways