Friday, November 20, 2009

For another Old Friend

I lost another old friend last week. She was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer and Bone Cancer in the Spring of 2009. She was apparently doing well until the beginning of this month. By time she shared with the community what was going on she was diagnosed as "terminal." She passed away about a week after I found out she was sick. She touched my life in many ways when we were between the ages of 18-25 or so. I dedicate the following poem to her. An angel now watching over me.

Saying “Good-bye” to Kathy

Such a special person
From years ago
Slipped out of my life

The memories come flooding back
Of all our times together
First apartment, lasagna making,
Car stuck on a snow bank –
Desperate grocery shopping trip

Support beyond measure
Hand-holding through the pain
Of losing my mother at an age
Way to young

And now, her children
Sadly, experience that same pain
I only hope they have friends
As dear as she was to me

A friend who was able to
Keep the calm among the storms
Reminding me that I’ll be ok
She is with me, each step of the way

And now some precious words she shared
With a friend as she lay dying:

'Our hearts are so connected
that no matter
where we are in time and space,
we'll never be apart.'