Thursday, May 4, 2017

Was It My Best Birthday Ever?

Absolutely not.  But I'm alive.  I've been sick with a horrible ear and sinus infection. BUT, thanks to antibiotics I am getting better (albeit slower than I'd like).  I'm not receiving chemotherapy as I was just four short years ago. So that's a good thing. And I remain in remission.

Still, though, it's been a bummer of a week.  I had to cancel massage on Monday.  I had to cancel a deluxe pedicure which was scheduled for today. My birthday present to myself.  I've had to resort back to using the shower chair and waiting for Jim to come home from work so he could walk the dogs.  I asked myself, "Am I moving backwards?"  I hope this is just a temporary set-back.  I can't remember the last time I felt this physically weak.

But ... it .... is .... my .... birthday. And I'm glad to be alive.  I have a supportive husband.  My son graduated from college and has a wonderful job -- complete with great Health Insurance. (Let's hope it stays that way -- re: the Health Insurance.)  My daughter is working on her degree and is doing well. She works part time as a nanny and is super good at it.  Tons of neighbors on that street keep her busy with babysitting outside of her Nanny-ing hours, because they are so impressed with her. In fact, sometimes they even over lap.

I used less tissues today. Yay for small victories. Or is that a big one?  My tussin came in the mail! That is awesome. Expectorant do your work. Making improvements in that direction. Gone is the dry, tickling cough.  Now I have productive coughs.

Too much information? I know. I'm just rambling.  Sometimes my best writing comes when I ramble.

So, was it my best birthday ever? Absolutely not. And that's ok.  I'll get over it.  I might sulk a little and that's ok too. It's no fun to be sick on your birthday.  May Mother's Day be better.

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